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Our very special testimonial from the inspirational Mark Knopfler

A landmark day for our dedicated Teachers Rock® community.

A dedication from the virtuosic guitarist, songwriter and lead singer from #DireStraits Mark Knopfler “In a time of pandemic it is delightful and inspiring to see so many teachers and educators giving their all to create work in the classroom which can hopefully bring them closer together and closer to the youngsters in their care. Bravo! MK”

A message from Teachers Rock® founder Debbie Kent:

"This new Teachers Rock® music video was filmed socially distanced in the magnificent Exeter Cathedral during the pandemic. This video was produced to support our tireless key worker community of educators who continually aimed to unite, empower and inspire young people about the impact of music making in the classroom despite the challenges they face every single day during the global pandemic."

Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits

Words and Music - Mark Knopfler Arranged by Debbie Kent

Vocal arrangement now also available as a digital download:

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