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Teachers Rock® Academy Choir achieve Distinction for RSL Level 3 Certificate in Group Performance

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to our Teachers Rock® Academy Choir!

As if participating in a recording session at the iconic Abbey Road Studios wasn't enough pressure for one day, whilst performing three Teachers Rock® vocal arrangements benchmarked at Level 3 by RSL Awards, the choir were also assessed in the studio by an external Rockschool examiner for their Rockschool Group Performance Certificate! We are excited to announce that they have each been awarded the following qualification:

RSL Level 3 Certificate in Group Performance (Music)

Passed with Distinction

What an outstanding achievement for them all

Here is the summary on our performance from our Rockschool assessor:

Thank you for sitting a Rockschool Group Performance Certificate. Overall, the ensemble evidenced outcomes at Level 3 to a very high standard - achieving a Distinction. Notably, the arrangement of pieces presented (including vocal harmonies and instrument parts) was outstanding. Good luck for Teachers Rock future performances.

This inspirational choir will be performing as part of our Exeter Cathedral mini residency on Thursday 30th November and Friday 1st December. Tickets are available here:

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