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Meet the Teachers Rock® team

Debbie Kent

Founder / CEO/ Musical Director

A trusted and well respected figure in Music Education, Debbie has 15 years leadership experience in representing Music Education across the South West and an extensive track record of delivering successful high quality vocal programmes for; Devon Music Service, Devon Music Education Hub, Babcock LDP and the BBC Concert Orchestra. She has worked alongside the Military Wives Choir, London Community Gospel Choir and colleagues from the Royal Opera House, Debbie is also a National Vocal Trainer for Trinity Guildhalls KS2 National Programme.

In addition, she has over 20 years experience working in the music industry as professional musician; vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and singer-songwriter.

Rev Bazil Meade MBE

Official Teachers Rock® Patron

Bazil Meade has been working in the music industry for over 3 decades. He is the founder and principal of the World famous ‘London Community Gospel Choir’. Under his direction and tuition some of the industry’s finest gospel and R’n’B singers have blossomed and found successful careers. His inspiration, commitment, dedication, energy and drive is respected and appreciated the world over. We are privileged that in September 2017 he agreed to become our official Teachers Rock® patron.


John Bangham

Teachers Rock® Accompanist

Keyboard player, composer and vocalist. John has a "unique and flavoursome" style that sits in a harmonic dimension of its own. John has worked as a gigging musician for 15 years, playing with bands of many different styles and genres. John is also an educator and manages a Rock School accredited music course for 16-24 year olds.

Kirsten Wordley

Teachers Rock® Associate

Kirsten Wordley is an experienced music teacher and trainer who has been teaching for over 20 years. She works with all key stages, and has experience as a Head of Music in a secondary school prior to her work with Somerset Music as Deputy Director. Kirsten is a Teachers Rock® Associate delivering the vocal programme in both Somerset and Torbay.

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