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New Born King - a new Carol for Christmas

New Born King, written by Mike Stocks and co-written and arranged by Teachers Rock® founder Debbie Kent, is an uplifting, inspirational carol celebrating and reflecting upon this very special time of year. Available now from all major streaming platforms, add this to your Christmas playlist, we guarantee you'll be singing it in your sleep. A very Merry Christmas and peaceful New Year to you all.

This live recording made living history on Saturday 5th December, 2020. 24 singers, socially distanced in Exeter Cathedral wearing mandatory face masks. All vocal parts were taught virtually through the 2nd lockdown and in just two 20 minute recording sessions our Covid secure recording mission was complete.

On reflection, it was a surreal but completely magical experience to finally bring our Teachers Rock® community back together again after 10 long months apart. In partnership with Exeter Cathedral and Devon & Torbay Music Education Hubs, this project aimed to promote a return to safer singing in schools as well as celebrating the true meaning of Christmas during the global pandemic.

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